International Business and Economics, степень магистр

Период обучения
Форма обучения

1 год; 1.5 года

Selected Courses:

  • Managerial Economics
  • International Finance
  • Intercultural Aspects of Business
  • Contemporary International Marketing Strategies
  • International Entrepreneurship
  • Asian Economy
  • Economy & Society of the European Union
  • International Logistics & Supply Chain

Expected knowledge and skills after acquiring qualification:
This programme is offered by UE-Varna and Universal Business School – Mumbai, India. The programme gives a sound foundation in economics and contemporary business approaches, an opportunity to experience and learn about the environment and emerging business models in Europe and Asia. Students will be able to develop their skills and competences through experience-based learning, to refine their intercultural skills and to explore new approaches to critical thinking and independent analysis. The Master degree in International Business and Economics is a gateway to join the next generation of global business leaders in the industry, commerce, services, etc. The profound knowledge of the global economy and business processes, and in particular, the understanding of the specific problems of the European Union and the Asian fast developing economies, shape the graduates’ highly valuable profile of specialists in business relation development between the two continents.

Employment opportunities upon graduation:
Graduate students have the opportunity to develop their own business plan for a wide variety of products ranging from a niche to global supply chain. Graduates may hold positions such as:

  • managers in private and public organisations
  • business analysts
  • market research specialists in economic, organisational and managerial activities
  • analytical specialist in process management and economic processes
  • experts in economics at all levels of public and non-governmental organisations

Graduates can pursue a PhD degree.