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 For all inquiries related to Student status, please contact "Students Division"

 For all the information about the students programmes, curricula and examination dates for Bachelor and Master Degree Majors, please contact "Students Affairs Department"

 For any questions relating to educational process of students in Master Degree Majors, please contact Master Degree Center:

Office Office: 114

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 For inquiries relating to educational process of PhD Students, please contact "Scientific and Research Activities and PhD Studies Department":

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 For any questions relating to students transfers from another major or university, please contact "Students Division", Dipl. Eng. Georgi Petrov:

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 For questions regarding The Erasmus EU exchange student programme, and inquiries related to Admission of foreign students, please contact  "International Cooperation" Department:

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 For inquiries related to University Dormitories and Students Scholarships, please contact Natalia Dimitrova - Inspector "Dormitories and Scholarships":

Office Office: Dormitories and Scholarships, Student Street

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 For all the information related to Bachelor Degree Admission, please contact:

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Head of "Public Relations"

Elitca Videnova

Office Office: Cultural Center, Student Street

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 For all questions and comments related to University site, please contact Webmaster, Dipl. Eng. Mariana Nikolova:

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 Access control to the main building

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 Access control to the Second Research and Training Building

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Main Building
of the University of Economics - Varna

Training and Academic Research Complex 2
(Second building of the UE-Varna)


9002 VARNA
77 Knyaz Boris I Blvd.
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9010 VARNA
24, Evlogi Georgiev Str.
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College of Tourism - Varna
Third Building of UE - Varna (Complex 3)


9009 - Varna
158 A, Slivnitsa Blvd.
Mobile: +359 882 164568

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