Research Center on Globalization and Foreign Direct Investments

Research Center on Globalization and Foreign Direct Investments

The Research Centre on Globalization and Foreign Direct Investments at University of Economics – Varna was established in December 2014 by a decision of the Academic Council. The Center is a unit for carrying out theoretical and applied research and educational activities in the sphere of global economics, international economic relations, foreign direct investments (FDI), and the activities of transnational corporations in the global and national economy.

Some of the main tasks of The Research Center are:

1. Performs theoretical and empirical research on globalization issues, FDI, politics in FDI on the global scientific level by applying teamwork, project and program principles.

2. Attracts and brings together teachers from different departments of UE-Varna for research in the given scientific field and gradually develop FDI in one of the main scientific priorities of UE-Varna.

3. Attracts external researches in the development of different projects – well-known Bulgarian economics and foreign FDI specialist.

4. Organizes scientific conferences, roundtables, and other forums to promote research results and to raise the prestige of the Center and UE-Varna as a major research center.

5. Builds sustainable relationships with public bodies on local and national level and uses the results of the Center’s research for influencing policy towards FDI in Bulgaria.

6. Establishes lasting relationships with other research centers in the country and abroad and builds research networks.

7. Stimulates scientific research of students and PhD student in the given thematic field; enriches the learning process in covering the processes of globalization of the economy, the movement of FDI and other important economic processes.

Head of the Center

Prof. Zoya Mladenova, PhD

Mobile Mobile +359 882164726

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