Informatics and Computer Science, Bachelor’s Degree

The purpose of the training in the speciality is the building of the theoretical knowledge and practical skills related to the application of the information technologies in the complex solution of the problems of the information services in different aspects: technical, organizational, economical and legal. The specialists acquire Bachelor’s degree and receive training for work in modern areas of the IT sector as management and development of software projects for the development of websites; web, desktop and mobile applications, information systems, specialized software, etc.; web, graphical and UX design, database administration, network administration, IT security, information analysis, hardware handling and more. The students’ skills in the above-mentioned fields are developed in the seminars, through the practical work with: programming languages and technologies C/C++, C#, .NET, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, etc.; databases SQL Server and MySQL; operating systems Windows, Linux and applications for them; CMS as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, OS Commerce, OpenCart; software for graphics and video processing, design and modelling, file transfer and project management, work with servers, network configurations and more.

Students are given a wide range of elective courses and numerous opportunities to participate in various group projects and business simulations, helping them to be recognized as specialists in the area of their individual interests. The lecturers from the Department of Informatics are involved in many IT projects, they are well aware of the needs of the business.

The acquired knowledge and skills enable graduates to develop a career in some of the most promising IT professions such as programmers, database administrators, web and graphic designers, information and system analysts, security and quality assurance specialists in software production, designers and managers of information systems, computer consultants, end user operating system and computer system support specialists.