PhD programmes

PhD programmes

Doctoral Degrees

Varna University of Economics offers training in the following PhD Programmes:

  • Social Management;
  • Political Economics (General Economic Theory);
  • Statistics and Demographics;
  • Accounting, Control and Analysis of Economic Activity;
  • Finance;
  • Economics and Management (Commerce);
  • Economics and Management (Construction and Real Estate);
  • Indusrtial Business;
  • Agribusuness;
  • Commodity Science;
  • Marketing;
  • Application of Computing Equipment in the Economics;
  • Optimal Management of Economic System;
  • World Economy and International Economic Relations;
  • Economics and Management (Tourism);
  • Infomatics
  • Trade law 

Master’s degree holders are eligible for a doctoral degree.

Doctoral programmes are conducted as full-time, part-time and individual studies.

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