Foreign Students

Проф. д-р Евгени Станимиров
Prof. Evgeni Stanimirov, PhD

Dear students,

You are about to make one of the most significant and important steps in your life. It is significant and important since it constitutes a choice not only of a roadway, but also of direction - towards education and spiritual values which will be a secure and reliable basis for your professional and personal development as well as for your career. For centuries on end education has been one of the most secure investments in the future for Bulgarians.

I proudly present to you the University of Economics - Varna. We offer modern education in line with global standards, the sound basis of the former lying in the achievements of human civilization and the academic tradition endorsed by generations of lecturers and students of economics for 95 years. We have chosen our motto "With academic traditions into the future" on purpose. Having been created as the second University and the first pillar of academic economic thought in Bulgaria, our University is a joyful territory of academic freedom, in which you will not only reconsider and give meaning to the world, but also arrive at your identity and get to know yourself better. Also, we are constantly striving to provide the best possible conditions for the free movement of students from various Universities and countries by way of the credit accumulation and transfer system.

I congratulate you on the interest you have shown in our University and I sincerely wish you would join the academic community here by contributing your youthful impulse towards knowledge and creative free will!