About the Library

libraryThe Varna University of Economics Library was established in 1920 as a part of the second oldest higher educational establishment in Bulgaria, with Sofia University being the oldest University in the country. The library at Varna University of Economics is actually the first independent unit at the University and is proud of its valuable collection of about 270 000 volumes of scientific publications (in Bulgarian as well as in foreign languages altogether). The oldest editions date back from the beginning of the last century. The collection of economic literature is the richest.

The Library is a service unit which makes its information stock available to be used by students, lecturers and researchers for educational and research purposes. There are 5 main departments at the Library :

The Library can serve its customers not only through the traditional forms of library service but also using modern information technologies - Electronic catalogue which can offer information on library entries after 1984, CD-ROM databases and on-line accesse to Internet.
The University Library serves not only University students and lecturers (which amount to 11 000 people) but also many other (outside) readers from the whole region of north-eаst Bulgaria. Since 1996 it has been a World Bank Depository Library and a member of the UNESCO-associated libraries.
The electronic catalogue provides access to the databases on the editions which the Library has received after 1984. The catalogue can also be accessed through the Internet .
You can seek information in the following Library Catalogues: