Center for Financial Research and Development


The Center for Financial Research and Development is part of the scientific infrastructure of UE-Varna and it is directly subordinated to the Rector. The Center functions as a servicing unit, which motivates, supports, coordinates and encourages scientific work, applied research and educational activities in the sphere of finance. In the activities prominent professors and internal and external specialists in finance are actively involved. As part of its activities, the Center works with all organizations and institutions, which are searching solutions for their economic issues, in Bulgaria and abroad.


Some of the main tasks of the Center are:

1) Implementation of research and development projects, funded by the European and national programs.

2) To prepare rationales, plans, programs and market research, related to the financial activity of the state, local government and business.

3) To recommend and provide specialists for recruitment, approval of public procurement, implementation of standards, optimization of internal rules and procedures, expert reports and more.

4) To organize national and international conferences, roundtables, and other discussion forums as means to exchange ideas and practical experience.

5) Development of teaching and study materials for courses in finance which are of interest to the university and practice.

6) To perform training courses for financial analysts, agents, brokers and others.

7) To create conditions for scientific development of students, PhD students and other.

Head of the Center for Financial Research and Development

Assoc. prof. Stoyan Kirov, PhD


Mobile +359 882 164674


Expert Council

Prof. Stefan Vachkov, PhD
Assoc. Prof. Dimitar Pafailov, PhD
Chief Assist. Prof. Atanas Kamelarov, PhD
Chief Assist. Prof. Nedyalko Valkanov, PhD

Mobile +359 882 164674