Finance and Innovations, Master's Degree

Form of education

1 year; 1.5 years
Distance learningrt-time

The knowledge and skills in speciality "Finance and innovation" are formed as a result of the studied disciplines on key innovations in the financial sphere:

  • banking;
  • public finance;
  • corporate finance;
  • social insurance:
  • life insurance;
  • controlling;
  • financial regulation and compliance activities.

The learning material is acquired through the use of validated and effective forms of training:  practical exercises and studies, case studies and real-world situations by assignment of financial institutions, development of course projects, cross-exam debates, etc. The form of education for speciality Finance and Innovations is distant learning. Students from accredited higher education institutions with Bachelor’s degree in the same major (SM), Economics and Management (EM), as well as in other professional fields and areas of higher education (OPF) may study this speciality.

Occupational prospects

  • top managers with competence in managing innovations in banking, insurance, pension-insurance and other companies in the financial sphere;
  • operational managers and experts in development and implementation activities in banks, insurance and pension-insurance companies, investment funds, Fin Tech companies etc.
  • sales managers in financial institutions;
  • regional managers in banks, insurance and pension-insurance companies;
  • portfolio managers in banks, investment funds and other institutional investors;
  • specialists in regulatory and supervisory institutions of the financial sector;
  • Compliance, controlling, risk and CRM managers in financial institutions;
  • project managers in industrial and trading companies;
  • experts in innovations in state and municipal administration;
  • managers in start-ups and venture capital funds;
  • financial managers and controllers in local and foreign companies;
  • financial analysts and consultants in financial-brokerage firms, investment intermediaries, stock exchanges, leasing, factoring, forfeiting and other companies;
  • experts in the foreign-trade companies.

Form of education: distance learning

What are you going to study?
The special disciplines studied are:

First semester:
1. Innovations and financial crisis
2. Innovation in public finance
3. Life insurance and product innovations
4. Social innovations

Second semester:  
1. Innovations in banking
2. Entrepreneurial finance
3. Master’s Seminar
4. Controlling innovations in the business
5.  Financial regulation and compliance

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