What is being  taught?

Graduates of this programme gain in-depth knowledge in the field of management, as well as managerial skills to administer various organizations - to manage privately owned business, etc.

Specialized knowledge is acquired in the following subjects:

  • Theory of management
  • Strategic management
  • Planning and forecasting
  • Entrepreneurship and small and medium size businesses
  • Operations management
  • Human resources management
  • Public sector management
  • Managerial psychology and organizational behaviour
  • Investments management
  • International management
  • Corporate management

The graduates of Bachelor's degree programme are awarded a professional qualification degree Bachelor in Management.

Employment opportunities upon Graduation?

Graduates may find employment as:

  • managers at different levels of management in manufacturing companies, trade companies, in organizations in the services sector, in banking and insurance business, in socially oriented activities (health, education, etc.), culture and public administration;
  • head of departments, units and divisions; entrepreneurs, managers in economic and other organizations, etc.

The Department Lecturers are well-reputed in areas of science, academic and consulting environments and have rich experience in Management.  

Head of Department – Assoc. Prof. Dobrin Dobrev, PhD

The maximum score for application in "International Economic Relations" Major is 24.

Subject tests
you may take to apply for this major:

- Mathematics
- Geography of Bulgaria
- Bulgarian language and literature