Business Economics, Bachelor’s Degree

In accordance with the mission and educational objectives of the University of Economics - Varna the core task of educational process in "Business Economics" programme, the Bachelor's degree, is to provide students with solid specialized grounding in economics for the business sector. Recently graduated students of that major will be able to find employment in various areas of economics and management, in state and municipal government, etc.

Special subjects studied are:

  • Entrepreneurship;
  • Prices and Pricing;
  • Operational Management;
  • Commercial  Law;
  • Business Diagnostics;
  • Business Planning;
  • Human Resources;
  • Business Funding;
  • Business Logistics;
  • Business Statistics;
  • Investments and Investment Management;
  • Sales Management;
  • Business Evaluation, etc.

The students graduate by defending a thesis or sit for a comprehensive state examination and at positive results graduates receive a diploma and are awarded a Bachelor's degree in Economics with a major in "Business Economics".

Employability upon Graduation:

As a result of training the students of "Business Economics" receive sound knowledge and skills, professional and personal competences, according to the National Qualification Framework. The successfully graduated students of the programme are able to start and develop their own businesses or to conduct a number of functions and activities and pursue diverse careers at modern business companies in the areas of commerce, services and other business sectors, public administrations of ministries, municipalities, town councils, as well as at educational, scientific and public organizations. The graduated students can find employment as:

  • Managers of their own companies;
  • Managers in private and public business organizations on a strategic and operational level – directors, senior managers, presidents, chairs,  managers, heads of department, supervisors, etc., irrespective of sector or type of ownership;
  • Business analysts of processes and activities in various companies;
  • Analytical specialists in process management;
  • Specialists and experts in economics at all levels of state and municipal government and non-governmental organizations;

Who is going to train you?

The Department of "Economics and Management of Construction" is in charge of the students' training. Department lecturers are well-reputed in the areas of science, academic and business environments and have rich experience in economics and business.

Head of Department – Prof. Plamen Iliev, PhD