Commodity Science and Custom Activities, Bachelor’s Degree

Commodity Science program was established in 1948 and at that time it was the only national center for training specialists in higher education in the field of quality and expertise of goods. Commodity Science program has existed for more than 68 years. It is designed to train students in Commodity Science and Custom Activities and Master’s degree prepares graduates in Quality and Expert Examination of Commodities.

With a decision of the Academic Council of UE-Varna from 5th of November, 2015, the name of program Commodity Science was changed to Commodity Science and Custom Activities. The curriculum was also actualized. In the new curriculum are included the following new classes: Custom Activities, Custom Representation, Custom Taxation, Custom Regimes and Procedures, and Commodity and Custom Control.

The objective of students' training in this major is to prepare them to perform managerial functions in the field of customs and stock control, logistics, trade, marketing activities, commodity exchanges. Students receive comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge about: composition, properties and quality of goods; processes and changes in storage; methods for quality assessment; organization and implementation of customs control and commodity inspection; standardization and certification of goods; identification of origin of goods; management in industrial business.

What is being taught?

Special subjects studied are:

  • Fundamentals of Food Commodity Science
  • Commodity Science of Food Products of Animal Origin
  • Commodity Science of Food Products of Plant Origin
  • Fundamentals of Industrial Commodity Science
  • Commodity Science of Household Goods
  • Commodity Science of Textile and Footwear
  • Standardization, Metrology, Qualimetry
  • Sensor and Expert Methods in Commodity Analysis
  • Custom Activities
  • Custom Representation
  • Commodity and Custom Control
  • Commodity Exchange
  • Commodity Control
  • Custom Taxation
  • Custom Regimes and Procedures
  • Packaging Management, etc.

Graduates receive a diploma and are awarded a Bachelor's degree in Economics, majoring in Commodity Science and Custom Activities.

Employment opportunities upon Graduation:

Graduates are able to find employment and hold positions such as:

  • quality assessment and control specialists in organizations and companies engaged in production, sale, transportation and storage of commodities;
  • inspectors at customs houses and regional customs directorates;
  • commodity exchange brokers;
  • insurance agents and damages experts;
  • commodity control inspectors at independent control organizations;
  • credit inspectors;
  • quality auditors;
  • specialists and heads of departments of supply and distribution;
  • specialists of standardization and metrology, innovations and qualimetry;
  • experts in user protection, etc.

The curriculum and educational programmes of the Commodity Science and Custom Activities major respond to basic parameters and professional focus of the leading European universities, which indicates relevance of disciplines and allows mobility of the prepared specialists.

Who is going to train you? 

The Department of "Commodity Science" is in charge of the students’ training. Members of the department are well-reputed academics and consultants in the areas of science, academic and business environment and have rich experience.

Head of Department – Assoc. Prof. Sabka Pashova, PhD


Assoc. Prof. Temenuga Stoykova, PhD Assist. Prof. Velichka Marinova, PhD
Assoc. Prof. Denka Zlateva, PhD Assist. Prof.  Radoslav Radev, PhD
P.T. Assoc. Prof. Mariya Zhelyazkova, PhD PhD Student Georgi Dimitrov
Ch. Assist. Prof. Dipl.Eng. Vanya Zhivkova PhD Student Dana Stefanova
Ch. Assist. Prof. Antoaneta Stoyanova, PhD PhD Student Marieta Stefanova