Agribusiness, Bachelor’s Degree

What is being taught?

Students in this major are trained to pursue careers in agriculture, state and local government, research centres and other units of the agricultural sector. The will be able to find employment in farms, at agricultural companies, cooperatives, agricultural unions, agricultural services, land commissions, higher education institutions, academic institutes, secondary schools, in business or non-profit organizations. Students acquire knowledge and develop expertise in economics, technologies, organization, management and functioning of agricultural business units.  Students are taught all contemporary and topical areas of economics.

Special subjects studied are:

  • Fundamentals of Agriculture
  • Livestock Production Technologies
  • Plant Production Technologies
  • Agricultural Mechanization Management
  • Agricultural Company Management and Organization
  • Agricultural Entrepreneurship
  • Agricultural Information Systems
  • Global Agriculture
  • Labour and Employment in Agricultural Business
  • Agricultural Business Finance
  • Prices and Pricing
  • Agricultural Marketing
  • Non-traditional Activities, etc.

Graduates receive a diploma and are awarded a Bachelor's degree in Economics, majoring in "Agribusiness".

Employment opportunities upon Graduation:

Graduated students are able to find employment  as:

  • expert economists or managers in agricultural companies;
  • expert economists or specialists in agricultural company departments;
  • expert economists, experts and other specialists in state and municipal institutions related to the agricultural sector;
  • expert economists in other businesses, consultants in economics and management of agricultural companies, etc.

Who is going to train you? 

The Department of "Economics of Agriculture" is in charge of the students training. Members of the Department are well-reputed and highly qualified lecturers known for their teaching and presentation skills and experience in giving lectures and conducting seminars.

Head of Department – Assoc. Prof. Maria Stanimirova, PhD