Industrial Business and Entrepreneurship, Bachelor’s Degree

What is being taught?

"Industrial Business and Entrepreneurship" programme is especially created for those who wish to start and develop their own business or prefer to build a successful career as specialists and managers at all levels of modern business company. The programme provides excellent opportunities for students to start their education with a wide range of disciplines, and in the course of their studies they gradually focus and deepen their knowledge within areas of their preferences preparing for future career development - as entrepreneurs or managers.

Students acquire knowledge and skills in marketing, innovations, investment, finance, human resources, industrial organization, logistics, etc. which enables them:

- to perform market and economic analysis;
- to develop business plans and projects;
- to assess innovation and investment decisions;
- to formulate strategies and implement company policies;
- to organize and manage their own businesses.

During the third and fourth year of study, students have the opportunity to set the priorities of their training aiming at electoral subjects to acquire in-depth knowledge of industrial business or small business and entrepreneurship.

The educational process is interactive and encourages creativity, team work and communication between students and lecturers.

The successfully graduated students of "Industrial Business and Entrepreneurship" receive sound knowledge which helps them continue afterwards with a wide range of Masters' programmes.

Specialized knowledge is acquired on the following subjects:

  • Entrepreneurship;
  • Industrial Marketing Researches;
  • Industrial Economics;
  • Operational Management;
  • Business Planning ;
  • Small Business Management;
  • Expenditure Management and Pricing;
  • Economic Analysis;
  • Human Resources Management;
  • Finance Management;
  • Branding and Advertising;
  • Innovations Management;
  • Investment Management, etc.

Employability upon Graduation:

Recently graduated students of that major will be able to find employment

  • in large, medium and small industrial enterprises in Bulgarian and international corporations
  • as operational and line managers and analysts;
  • as entrepreneurs managing their own companies;
  • in business incubators, business clusters and networks;
  • as brokers and distributors;
  • in investment and consulting companies;
  • in banks and other financial institutions as programme and operational managers;
  • at all levels of state and municipal government administrations;
  • in scientific and research bodies;
  • in civil society organizations.

Who is going to train you?

The Department of "Industrial Business" is in charge of students' training. Department lecturers are well-reputed in areas of science, academic and business environments and have rich experience in economics and finance.

Head of Department – Assoc. Prof. Iliyan Minkov, PhD