Physical Education and Sport

The Department was founded in 1949 The first “builders” of the Department are: Delcho Delev (1949), Asen Simidov (1950), Iliya Kapitanov (1951).

In the past period, the representative teams of the University of Economics - Varna, led by the professors of the PES Department, achieved remarkable success. In team sports we have been 10 times student champions, 17 times vice-champions and 16 times bronze medallists. In individual sports student-athletes have won 77 gold, 109 silver and 115 bronze medals.

The following sports are practised in the sports complex of the University of Economics - Varna: Volleyball, Table Tennis, Basketball and Fitness. These are the main guidelines in the work of students in the groups for general physical training, where the choice of sport takes place within the administrative flow. The University has representative teams in the following sports: Volleyball, Table Tennis, Basketball, Swimming, Football, Athletics Cross and Orienteering, which have repeatedly won prestigious awards at regional, national and international competitions. In the Department of Physical Education and Sport ambitious and proven trainers - specialists in different sports work hard. In the consultation hours the lecturers and trainers work individually with the students, providing opportunities for obtaining knowledge and guidance to enrich motor skills tailored to their needs and interests. In cases where a student has athletic achievements and desires to practice other than the above mentioned sports, he gets the full understanding and assistance from the Department.

There are also groups of modern gymnastics, hip hop and folk dances that participate in events at the University of Economics - Varna and in the cultural exchange events between universities.

The efforts of the Department of Physical Education and Sport, supported by the Academic Government, are directed towards the continuous enrichment and extension of the palette of existing sports.