Mobile and Web Technologies, Bachelor’s Degree

The Mobile and Web Technologies programme is aimed at preparation of highly qualified specialists in the professional field Informatics and Computer Science. The graduates of the four-year course of study receive Bachelor’s degree. The curriculum reflects the contemporary trends and the constantly raising demand of specialists in the field of mobile and web technologies. The fundamental for building theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of information technologies is based on the study of special basic disciplines such as computer architectures, computer networks and communications, operating systems, databases, programming languages, information systems design, IT projects management, visual programming with Java. During the third and fourth year of their studies, the students have the opportunity to deepen and improve their competencies in mobile and web technologies by studying specialized disciplines such as web technologies, JavaScript programming, NET technologies, server programming, hybrid and mobile applications, cloud technologies, etc. Depending on their interests, the students in the speciality may choose some of the offered elective disciplines, as: web based open source content management systems, adaptive web design, automated software testing, games development, applications integration, real-time web technologies, cryptography and protection, software technologies, etc.

The lectures and seminars are led by qualified lecturers with experience in information systems design and implementation, participation in scientific research projects and expert-consulting activities. Different group and individual projects, tests, case studies, simulations and tasks contribute to the development of the practical skills of the students. Seminar sessions are held in well equipped computer rooms and using licensed software. The prominent students have the opportunity to participate in the IT Master Class project, where they can work on real projects with mentors from the leading IT companies in the region.

The professional realization of the Bachelor’s graduates of the Mobile and Web Technologies speciality is mainly as developers of mobile and web systems, web and graphic designers, but the obtained qualification allows a successful career as system analysts, security specialists, administrators and developers of databases, design specialists, implementation and development of information systems, etc.