Corporate Finance, Master's degree

Mode of study

1 year; 1.5 years

Specific courses:

  • Fundaments of Corporate Finance
  • Financial Investments
  • Bank Transactions

Specialized courses:

  • Management of Bank Corporations
  • Corporate Financial Strategy
  • Corporate Leadership
  • Long-term Financing of Corporations
  • Master Seminar
  • Financial Derivatives
  • Corporate Controlling
  • Corporate Insurance
  • Capital Budgeting

Expected knowledge and skills after acquiring qualification:
Training in Corporate Finance forms knowledge and skills for financial management of corporations, such as: planning, organization, governance, control of financial activities in corporations, development and implementation of various financial strategies and systems for corporate leadership; management of long-term financing and investments; corporate controlling, corporate risk management, including through the use of insurance products and derivative instruments.

Employment opportunities upon graduation:
Graduate students can find occupation in financial departments, banks, insurance companies, investment funds, and other non-bank financial institutions – investment mediators, financial-brokerage houses, stock exchanges, leasing and other financial institutions, in international consulting companies, clusters and other forms of strategic cooperation and alliance. They can work as:

  • Corporate financial managers;
  • Specialists in financial planning;
  • Specialists in investment management;
  • Specialists in capital restructuring, takeovers, mergers;
  • Financial analysts;
  • Credit experts;
  • Cash managers;
  • Credit managers;
  • Risk managers;
  • Controlling managers;
  • Financial consultants;
  • Insurance agents and brokers.

Graduates can continue their education in the educational and scientific degree “Doctor” and to realize in scientific sphere, and to work as teachers in specialized economic disciplines in secondary schools and universities.

The training in this programme aims to prepare specialists in the field of corporate financial management, to form skills for developing, coordinating and implementing financial management plan, programmes for providing capital, cash management, relationships with banks, financial institutions and investors, management of receivables, corporate taxes, financial risk management, development and use of information systems for the financial activities of the companies.

The graduates are able to find employment as corporate financial managers, financial analysts, cash managers, as financial controllers, experts in financial planning, tax management, investments and restructuring of capital, in companies, commercial banks, non-bank institutions, tax and public administration, etc.