Eco-economics, Bachelor’s Degree

The education of students in "Eco-economics" programme, Bachelor’s degree, is focused on theoretical and applied training.

The fundamental subjects acquaint students with the basic functional areas of the economic knowledge.

The special subjects provide knowledge and skills on the major in the following areas:

  • Economic, organizational and managerial issues connected  with the protection of the environment;
  • Economic, organizational and managerial issues connected  with the exploitation of natural resources;
  • Economic effects on the environment  arising from the activities and sectors of the national economy;
  • Monitoring and complex assessment  of the impact on the environment;
  • Technological aspects of the protection of the environment from pollution and implementation of modern environmental practices;
  • Eco-entrepreneurship and innovation;
  • Ecological marketing and environmental management;
  • Quality and safety management and implementation of ecological standards;
  • Financing of ecological projects, etc.

The graduates of this programme receive a diploma and are awarded a Bachelor’s degree in Economics with a major in "Eco-economics".

Employability upon Graduation:

As a result of their training in "Eco-economics" the Bachelor’s graduates are able to find employment as:

  • Environmental infrastructure managers at various levels of governance in the public sector;
  • Entrepreneurs implementing ecological business projects in different sectors of economy.
  • Specialists in public-private concessions of natural resources;
  • Managers and consultants in assessment and management of ecological projects;
  • Consultants and auditors of environmental quality management systems (set in the international standard for environmental quality management systems ISO - 14001);
  • Evaluators of agricultural land and biological funds in various consulting and other companies;
  • Public Relations managers on environmental issues in various business companies;
  • Experts in the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Ministry of Environment and Water, etc.;
  • Experts on environmental issues in NGOs, industry and other organizations and unions, etc.;

Bachelor’s graduates in "Eco-economics" can continue their education at Master’s programme and later as doctoral students in the universities and other scientific and research institutes in the country and abroad.

Head of Department – Assoc. Prof. Maria Stanimirova, PhD