Accounting and Auditing, Bachelor’s Degree

The Accounting and Control was traditionally studied programme at the Accounting and Control Department till the academic year 2014 – 2015. It has been the first highly accredited major at the University of Economics – Varna with an experience and traditions for more than 90 years in training higher education specialists in accounting, financial control and financial and accounting analysis. In connection with the ongoing trend to harmonize theory and practice in the field of accounting and auditing with the countries of European Union the name of the major had to be changed to "Accounting and Auditing”. As a result the training of the students includes the issues of the independent financial audit and the internal audit in the public sector.

The main goal of the training in "Accounting and Auditing” programme is to prepare competent and competitive graduates with priority in the field of accounting, analysis and auditing of the business activities and the near-by inter-professional areas.

Students in "Accounting and Auditing" programme acquire theoretical and applied knowledge and skills in subjects such as: "Theory of Accounting", "Financial Accounting", "Bank Accounting", "Accounting of budgetary organizations", "Accounting of insurance and pension companies", "Theory of control", "Financial Control", "Management Accounting", "Financial accounting analysis" and others. Teaching materials on special subjects comply with the requirements for harmonization of accounting under International Accounting Standards, International Financial Reporting Standards,International Standards on Auditing and is continuously improving. Training programme is carried out in three degrees: Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral Degree.

Students who are trained in "Accounting and Auditing" Programme acquire competencies for current accounting business, drafting and analysis of financial statements, exercising financial control, including auditing of financial statements of companies and projects financed by European funds and programmes. After graduation they possess the necessary advanced knowledge and skills for timely realization in practice of enterprises in all economic sectors, financial control system, financial-credit institutions, ministries, central agencies and in other areas of social and economic life.

Current training which the students of "Accounting and Auditing" programme obtain in the field of accounting, analysis and auditing also allows successful career abroad, as well as continuing education in foreign universities in prestigious Master's programmes.

Graduates obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, majoring in "Accounting and Auditing".

Employability upon Graduation:

Graduates of "Accounting and Auditing" major get the opportunity for a wide professional career at home and abroad - in trade and commerce, hotel and tourism, construction, transport, industry, agriculture, the budget sphere, pension expertise, social sphere, financial and control system, public sector, financial and credit sector (banks, financial brokerage organizations, insurance companies, etc.), ministries, central agencies and others.

  • They can work as: accountants (including experts in financial statements with the right to sign them) in all sectors and activities;
  • heads of financial and accounting departments;
  • financial advisers and managers;
  • experts and methodologists of accounting and tax and insurance supervision;
  • financial control bodies (revenue authorities, customs control bodies, internal audit, control bodies of the Court of Auditors, etc.);
  • specialists and consultants in Bulgarian and international accounting and auditing companies;
  • managers and business owners;
  • lecturers in economic subjects in secondary and higher education;
  • they can apply for the acquisition of capacity for "certified chartered accountant" and for doctoral students at universities and at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences after obtaining a Master's degree.

Who is going to train you?  

The Department of Accounting is in charge of student training. Highly qualified and distinguished lecturers teach and do research in this department.

Head of Department – Assoc. Prof. Slavi Genov, PhD

The rich library fund of the university and well equipped auditoriums meet the highest requirements of the organization and technology of the educational process in the field of accounting, auditing and financial accounting analysis, which makes the training of students in these fields fruitful and enjoyable.

Professional training carried out by the "Accounting" Department is not only prestigious, but also responsible. The Professors continue and develop the inherited academic traditions with great dignity.  Based on their concern to maintain the high quality of the educational process, their experience and respect, the students get the opportunity to work as excellent experts not only on Bulgarian but also on foreign labour market.