Legal Studies

Department of "Legal Studies" is an independent structural unit within the Finance and Accounting Faculty at the University of Economics - Varna.

The foundation and the development of "Legal Studies" Department are connected with their interaction and the development of economical science as a whole. Legal studies have been taught at the University of Economics - Varna traditionally since its creation and their dynamics and specialization is bound with the development of the economic theory. The department keeps memories of Prof. Telbizov - lecturer in "Basics of State and Law", who has been a respected and well-reputed professor in law from a historical perspective.

In scientific and structural aspect the creation of Department of "Legal Studies" is a result of the development of the Department of "Planning and Management of National Economy", led by Prof. Nora Mitsova. Members of its academic staff for the period until 1988 were Prof. Vasil Mitkov, Assoc. Prof. Radoslav Rachev, PhD, Assoc. Prof. Margarita Bachvarova PhD, Sonia Mihaylova, PhD, Margarit Mitsev, Yuri Stoykov.

In 1989 the Department of "Legal Studies", led by Prof. Dr. Vasil Mitkov, PhD, was established as an independent structure, on the basis of the Department of "Planning and Management of National Economy" and Prof. Dr. Peter Tsankov joined it as a full time lecturer. As a result of the creation of Faculty of Law, for the period from 1993 to 1998, three departments of law: "Public Law", "Civil Law" and "Criminal Law" have been founded. Dean of the Faculty of Law is Petar Tsankov, PhD. During this period lecturers were also Corresponding Member Acad. Chudomir Goleminov, Corresponding Member N. Yankov, Prof. Ivan Vladimirov, PhD, Assoc. Prof. N. Beronov, Prof. B. Stankov, PhD, Prof. Yosifov, PhD, Ch. Assist. Prof. Ognyana Marinova and many others were lecturers, too.

"Legal Studies" Department consists of 9 full-time lecturers. Head of the Department is Assoc. Prof. Andriyana Andreeva, PhD. Deputy Head of the Department is Assoc. Prof. Galina Yolova, and Technical Assistant of the Department  is Ms. Vanya Ignatova.

Evidence of the scientific potential of the Department's members is the balanced allocation of its academic staff of 3 persons having academic rank; one chief assistant professor, PhD and 5 assistant professors, 1 of which is PhD and 2 were enrolled in doctoral studies.

Typical for the Department of "Legal Studies" is the internal specialization of its academic staff as specialists in public law and private law, following the basic division of our legal system. This enables the maintenance of the course of study in both main branches of science. Paramount task of the Department of "Legal Studies" is to support the educational process in the legal disciplines laid down in the curricula of the majoring departments at the University of Economics - Varna.

The main law courses in the Bachelor degree course of study are "Fundamentals of Law", "Commercial Law", "Labour and Social Security Law", "Law of Things", "Commercial Law and Law of Obligations" and "Law in Tourism".

 In the Master's degree courses "Fundamentals of Law", "Commercial Transactions and Negotiations", "Labour Law", "Administrative Law and Administrative process", "Public - Private Partnership and Tenders", "Tax Process" and other subjects are being taught.

The main objectives of the academic staff of Department of "Legal Studies" is to maintain high academic standards in teaching, to upgrade and to update legal theory with scientific research and to implement the creative achievements in practice.

Department of "Legal Studies" is accredited for PhD education in Major 3.6. "Law", PhD programme "Commercial Law".

Members of the department are among the most active in terms of participation in a number of working groups at the university, requiring legal knowledge, incl. carrying out procedures under the Public Procurement Law, in drafting internal regulatory documents, rules, regulations, etc.

The main guidelines for the future development of the Department are related to the development of the academic staff, preparation of separate lecture courses on legal subjects and carrying out independent scientific studies.