Finance, Bachelor’s Degree

Finance programme of study is one of the most preferred majors at the University of Economics - Varna. It is a successor of the established in 1948 Finance and Banking major. Later the major was renamed to Finance and Credit. Students were trained in this programme until 1956. In the academic year 1990-1991 Banking programme of study was restored at the University of Economics - Varna. Finance programme of study was restored a year later.  Since academic year 1997-1998 the two specialities have been conjoined in a single broad programme - Finance.

Programmes with identical name - Finance and similar curricula exist in a number of universities in Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, USA, Canada and many other countries. On the model of their leading educational standards the students in Finance programme acquire in-depth knowledge and practical skills in the field of banking, corporate, public and international finance, financial markets and investments, insurance and social security.

Graduates of this major receive a diploma in acquired educational and qualification Bachelor of Economics degree, which is recognized in subsequent postgraduate and doctoral studies at the leading universities in the world.

In October 2012, at the initiative of the students of Finance major, a club called Finance has been founded, whose mission is to unite young and interested people to enrich their knowledge, form interests and achieve effective career development in the specialty.

Until now over 4000 students, including students from Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Ukraine, Macedonia, Russia and other countries have received a Bachelor’s degree in Finance.

Many graduates of this major occupy positions of responsibility in prestigious Bulgarian and foreign banks, financial institutions and corporations. Part of graduates in this programme develop successful academic career in Bulgaria and abroad.

Where Can You Work with a Finance Degree?

The graduates of this major can obtain positions in:

  • Bulgarian and international financial institutions: commercial banks, insurance, leasing, factoring and pension insurance companies;
  • investment funds;
  • positions in the Ministry of Finance;
  • customs administration;
  • financial departments in municipal and regional administrations;
  • Bulgarian National Bank;
  • National Revenue Agency;
  • Bulgarian National Audit Office;
  • National Social Security Institute;
  • foreign trade companies;
  • construction companies;
  • financial software development companies;
  • audit companies;
  • small and medium enterprises in different industries.

Employability upon Graduation:

The graduates of this major can find successful professional career as:

  • financial managers in Bulgarian and international companies;
  • managers in banking and insurance institutions;
  • banking and financial products sales specialists;
  • credit experts;
  • front office and back office personnel in financial institutions;
  • insurance agents;
  • financial and investment consultants;
  • financial analysts;
  • security brokers and dealers;
  • assets evaluators;
  • customs inspectors;
  • tax inspectors, financial controllers and other positions in National Revenue Agency;
  • social assistance and social security officers;
  • receivables management specialists;
  • specialists in foreign trade companies;
  • specialists in audit companies;
  • accountants in enterprises, banks and financial institutions etc.

What are you going to study in Finance Major?

The main core subjects studied are:

  • Introduction into Finance
  • Monetary Theory
  • Introduction into Banking
  • Theory of Financial Brokerage
  • Banking Transactions
  • Essentials of Insurance
  • Corporate Finance
  • Financial Investments
  • International Finance
  • Public Finance - Part I
  • Public Finance - Part II
  • Social Security Systems and Funds
  • Personal Finance
  • Marine and Cargo Insurance
  • Anti-crisis Management

Who is going to train you?

The Department of Finance is in charge of student training. The well-established academic members of Faculty adopt their main priorities - the professional training of students and the formation of their practical skills and an extensive financial culture.

Head of Department – Prof. Stefan Vachkov, PhD

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