Goals and purposes

Faculty of Finance and Accounting at University of Economics – Varna is one of the leaders in training of economists. The academic and scientific activities of the faculty are focused on the achievement of the following goals:

  1. Planning, programming and management of the educational process in accordance with the best practices of European academic community.
  2. Active participation in national and European scientific projects.
  3. Expanding opportunities for exchange of experience and information with foreign scientific and educational institutions.
  4. Training personnel who are beneficial for business and society.
  5. Building, formation and development of theoretical and practical knowledge in the market economy.
  6. Creating conditions for obtaining extensive and thorough financial-economic knowledge.
  7. Flexibility of graduates in their integration into the corporate sector, both in Bulgaria and abroad.

To achieve these objectives, Faculty of Finance and Accounting has set the following tasks:

  1. Training which provides not only theoretical knowledge but practical skills.
  2. Training which gives opportunities for incorporation into the international labor market.
  3. Encouraging the development of scientific activities in order to ensure optimization in practice.
  4. Maintaining the achieved high quality education in line with European academic standards.
  5. Participation in national and European scientific projects.
  6. Encouraging the development of professional skills and expertise, and the mobility of students and teachers
  7. Encouraging research and accelerating the academic development.
  8. Publication of more textbook and user guides for the different disciplines.
  9. Organization and participation in symposiums, seminars and conferences in Bulgaria and abroad.