Goals and purposes

The Faculty of Economics is a major faculty at Varna University of Economics. It introduces students to related sciences and it is made up of departments that train students in related majors.  The Faculty of Economics offers well-established and topical majors in the bachelor degree, the master and doctor degree in social and economic sciences, and the law within an economic professional framework. Thus the Faculty of Economics is an academic institution much sought after within Varna University of Economics, in this country and internationally.                                                                                                    

There is a steady trend showing a preference for this faculty among candidates applying to study at the university and they compete for all majors in this Faculty. Each year the Faculty of Economics at Varna University of Economics trains over 3,000 students pursuing a bachelor’s degree (full-time) and a master’s degree (full-time, part-time and distance learning). In the bachelor’s degree students are trained in eight majors: Economics of Commerce, Business Economics, Economics of Construction, Economics of Real Estate, Industrial Business, Logistics, Agrarian Business, Commodity Science). In the master degree students are trained in nine majors (Corporate Business and Management, Commercial Business, Economics of Construction (Construction Development), Business Economics, Economics of Real Estate, Agrarian Business, Business Consulting, Commodity Quality and Testing, Logistic Management). These majors are administered by five departments (Economics and Management of Commerce, Economics and Management of Construction, Economics and Management of the Industry, Economics of Agriculture, Commodity Science).

The Faculty of Economics hosts prestigious academic events and participates in significant projects, and faculty members publish extensively. As a result this Faculty is becoming a top academic centre that offers high quality of research products.  The Faculty of Economics is a leading training and research institution in this country and its graduates are highly employable.