As a result of the increased number of majors, students and lecturers, the General Assembly of Varna University of Economics passed a resolution on 1 Nov 1991 to open five new faculties.  Since then all industry majors have been incorporated within the Faculty of Economics. The Faculty of Finance and Accounting is made up of the majors Accounting, Finance and Banking.  The Faculty of World Economy is made up of the majors International Tourism and International Economic Relations. The Faculty of Computer Sciences is made up of the majors Computer Sciences, and Statistics and Econometrics. The majors of Management and Marketing and Law constitute the Faculty of Management with Dean Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ivan Kalvachev.

The Faculty incorporates the departments of Economic Management, Marketing, Economics and Organization of Tourism, International Economic Relations, and Philosophy. Students are trained in the following majors in the bachelor’s degree: Marketing, International Economic Relations, Management, Tourism, and International Business (in English). Currently 2,418 undergraduate students are being trained at the Faculty, with 570 students studying Marketing, 446 students studying International Economic Relations, 573 students studying Management, 789 students studying Tourism, and 40 students studying International Business.

The departments at the Faculty of Management offer master’s degree programmes within three professional frameworks. In Economics: Sales Management and Merchandizing, Advertising and Media Communication, Corporate Marketing, Corporate Security and Competitiveness, International Business.  Within the professional framework of Tourism: Tourism. Within the professional framework of Administration and Management: Management, Business Management in the European Union, and Business Administration. About 370 students are currently being trained in these majors.

There are 40 lecturers that teach at the faculty: professors, associate professors, chief assistants and assistant lecturer. 35 PhD students are being trained.  Faculty members teach, do research, offer consulting services, and are part of business organizations.