Executive Analyses and Rankings Department

Executive Analyses and Rankings Department

Executive Analyses and Rankings Department functions as a result of the objectives, measures and activities set out in the Strategy for Development of the University of Economics - Varna for the period 2015 - 2020.

The experts from the Executive Analyses and Rankings Department are involved in the processes and the procedures for accreditation and ranking,  including:

  • Preparation and provision of data about the University to support the various accreditation procedures and ranking.
  • Analysis of the dynamics and changes related to the educational environment and the processes of admission, training and career development of the graduates.
  • Study of international ranking systems and the criteria for assessment of the performance of universities.
  • Preparation of reports and analyses to assist the academic management in the process of taking and implementation of strategic, tactical and operational decisions.

Head of Department

Senior Assistant Professor Vladimir Zhechev, PhD

Assoc. Prof. Vladimir Zhechev, PhD

Кабинет Office: 417

Email Email: vladimir.zhechev@ue-varna.bg

Expert "Accreditation"

Part-time Assist. Petar Petrov

Chief Assist. Prof. Petar Petrov, PhD

Кабинет Office: 64

Мобилен телефон Mobile +359 882164570

Email Email: p.k.petrov@ue-varna.bg


Asst. Victoriya Stancheva

Asst. Victoriya Stancheva, PhD

Кабинет Office: 403

Email Email: vstancheva@ue-varna.bg


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Executive Analyses and Rankings Department
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