Digital and Distance Learning Center

Digital and Distance Learning Center

Дистанционно обучение Moodle Икономически университет - Варна

The Digital and Distance Learning Center is an independent division at Varna University of Economics. It operates in accordance with the Higher Education Act, and the State Requirements that regulate university distance learning and the Regulations of Varna University of Economics.

Distance learning is a teaching process, in which students and faculty members are in different locations, but they are not necessarily separated in time. The distance created is bridged across by the use of technologies: audio, video, IT, and other communication technologies.

The Center is responsible for:

  • the introduction and development of distance learning at the university.
  • liaising with university faculties over their bachelor and master degree programmes in distance learning.
  • distance learning maintenance along with Maintaince & IT staff. The Center improves its facilities and secures real-time e-communication between students and faculty members.

The Center is responsible for:

  • technological and logistic maintenance of distance learning.  The Center has created and maintains and develops its own web page. It develops the online resource self-study system.
  • the introduction and maintenance of e-learning.
  • The Center liaises with other units at Varna University of Economics to create and disseminate educational resources, audio and visual aids for e-programmes and distance learning courses.
  • The Center liaises with other organisations at the university in reference to distance learning.
  • The Center liaises with other organisations, including the Sofia-Based National Distance Learning Center.

Contact details

For all questions concening the Bachelor's Degree training process, please contact Students Division.

For questions concerning the Master Degree programmes, please refer to Master Degree Center.


доц. д-р Силвия Парушева

Assoc. Prof. Silviya Parusheva, PhD

Office Office: 318 Б


Mobile phone Mobile +359 882164705

Email Email:

Deputy Director and eLearn Platform Administrator

Part-time Assist. Prof. Petar Petrov

Chief Assist. Prof. Petar Petrov, PhD

Office Office: 64

Mobile phone Mobile +359 882164570

Email Email:

Webmaster Moodle and Technical Organizer

Антонио Хаджиколев

part-time assist. Antonio Hadzhikolev

Office Office: 64

Mobile phone Mobile +359 882165674

Email Email:

Working time
Monday and Thursday: 13:00 – 17:00
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 08:00 – 12:00
Break time: 10:15 – 10:30
15:15 – 15:30


University of Economics – Varna
Digital and Distance Learning Center
77, Kniaz Boris I Blvd.
9002 Varna

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