Research and Application of New Information and Communication Technologies Center (RANICTC)

RANICTC is a servicing unit in the organizational structure of UE-Varna, founded on April 24, 2013.

The Center was founded as an important element for the implementation of the university strategy from 2012 for transforming the university in high technological I-zone, where the learning process, students’ research activities and administrative processes are performed using the new information and communication technologies (ICT).

The main aim of the Center is to activate the scientific and expert potential of teachers, researches and specialists at UE-Varna for the realization of local, national and international IT projects, directed both to accelerate technological development of the university and to the needs of external clients. Along with these activities, the Center provides specialized and methodological assistants to teachers, administration and students in all matters, related to the use of ICT in their work and creates conditions for students’ temporary employment and internship. 

The managerial team of RANICTC is highly motivated to transform the Center into a place for exchange of innovative ideas, for meetings and discussions with proven IT specialists, a place where dynamic teams are formed to initiate and implement IT projects and to offer new products and services.

The main tasks of the Center are:

  • To study and organize the implementation and sustainable usage of new ICT in the study process, scientific research of teachers and students, managerial and administrative activities in UE-Varna.
  • To initiate the implementation of IT projects in UE-Varna, to coordinate them and support their successful realization.
  • To participate in competitions for funding of scientific research.
  • To enable the use of scientific and expert potential of teaches, researches and specialists in UE-Varna and to form teams for the realization of local, national and international IT projects.
  • To establish partnerships with similar structures in Bulgaria and abroad, to attract external experts and organization in development and implementation of IT projects.
  • To develop scientific products and services in the sphere of ICT and to make them available to external users.
  • To provide specialized and methodological support to teachers, administration and students in all matters, related to the use of ICT in their work.
  • To create conditions for students’ temporary employment and internship.

Finalized projects:

  • Project for vocational training of administrative and academic staff: "IT skills – the mandatory minimum".
  • New information system.
  • Specialized software for conducting electronic exams during the learning process in the Test center of the university.
  • Web based system for registration of candidate students, which allows online applying for electronic entry exam.
  • Web based system for planning the curricula and teaching workload as part of the integrated information system.
  • Participation in the development, implementation and support of specialized software for the preparation of curricula in the university
  • Specialized system for planning and managing absences of employees in UE-Varna.
  • Web based system for applying for scholarships and dormitories.
  • Specialized system for preparing European diploma applications.
  • Specialized software for creating and supporting electronic register of current students and alumni.
  • Specialized system for initial enrollment of students at UE-Varna. 
  • Website and database of the university journal "Izvestiya".
  • Website of the master programme "International Business and Management" – joint project with Nottingham Trent University.
  • Fund for support of talented students.
  • Project "IT Master class" – new educational model in which the business has an active role.
  • Finalized sub-projects:
    • Mobile application for student study programme;
    • E-book store of UE-Varna
    • Interactive website "IT Master Class"

Building partner network of IT companies, leaders in the sphere of software engineering


Assoc. Prof. Ivan Kuyumdzhiev, PhD

Аssoc. Prof. Ivan Kuyumdzhiev, PhD

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