Mobile and Web Technologies, Master’s Degree

The Master’s programme in the field of Information and Computer Sciences is aimed at the development and enhancement of specialised knowledge and skills for development and implementation of web and mobile applications. The curriculum includes courses such as server MVC programming, JavaScript programming, native and hybrid mobile applications, responsive web design, search engine optimization and more. By combining the knowledge and skills acquired during the training students receive the necessary competencies to develop their professional careers as software developers for web and mobile systems, web designers, systems analysts, designers, administrators and others.

The training takes place in full-time form of training. There are many individual and team assignments and practical projects. The educational process is supported by the necessary amount of electronic materials, well-equipped computer labs and up-to-date licensed software.

The curriculum is prepared in a way to be suitable for students with all kinds of professional backgrounds. The graduates from other Bachelor’s degree programmes study fundamental and special subjects in the field of informatics to acquire the necessary basic training.